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October 31, 2018

Final preparations

The trade show, Herba Alpina, opens its doors again for 2018 in the Town Hall of Glurns. On Sunday, we are running our last preparations, and it’s quite a task. The final sprint starts the day before, when the first herb growers will be arriving in the afternoon. The Hall is being beautifully decorated. As always, we are expecting a large exhibition of South Tyrolean organic herb farms. Come and Enjoy!

Herba Alpina

October 12, 2018

On the alpine pasture

Siegi’s father Josef was called Sepp, and worked for decades as an Alpine Dairyman. At age 50 he decided to get married to Senza, and became a Sexton in his hometown Stelvio. They were married for forty-nine years and raised four sons. Italian photographer Duilio Avezzù is holding a black-and-white photography exhibition about alpine pasture life, showing snapshots of many Stelvio’s families. Siegi’s father was better known as the “Mesmer Sepp”, and can also be seen in many close-ups (standing, far right).

August 28, 2018

Flash Mob No. 1

Today, for sixty seconds at 12:15 pm there was a mystical fairy flash mob in Stelvio/Unterkirch.

August 4, 2018

Regaining strength

Every year about this time, Siegi mows grass at the meadows on the Stilfser Alm, our mountain pasture, which is quite exhausting. Luckily, we have had good weather. This summer, Siegi got help from Eliana. She studies ecosystem management in Göttingen and her internship is with our company. After she loads the trailer, it is time to enjoy a power nap.

July 9, 2018

On the way

Every Thursday, Siegi shows interested visitors the herbs that grow around Stelvio. Depending on the season, the hikes go to higher and higher regions, where the blooms are most beautifully. For example, one learns while hiking that the plant shown here is a Caly-Leafed Meadow Rue.
Registration at the tourist office of Prad Tel. 0473/616034

June 7, 2018

Visit from England

Robin Gill, from the Great British Chefs, visited Siegi in our herb gardens. Right now, everything is just growing wild with many flowers and herbs ready for harvesting. Yet, full flowering will be reached in early July. Siegi was very excited to show Robin our gardens, with its wonderful soil and the drying chambers/rooms. The tour ended by enjoying one of our herbal teas. Afterwards, we had lunch at the Tea Salon in Glorenza. We are looking forward to seeing the video from his trip to South Tyrol.

Great British Chefs

May 23, 2018

In Paradise

Yesterday, we revisited the farm of Rita & Walter Margesin, called Paulwirterhof. It has a lush garden with fruit trees, wine, vegetables, herbs, flowers, grasses and so much more biodiversity. The farm is in the town of Marling, next to the river Etsch, and is a wonderful example of a fertile/fruitful coexistence. That's probably how Paradise must have looked.

May 14, 2018

Stelvio's Annual Festival

Saturday and Sunday, there was a lot going on in Stelvio. For the second time, our volunteer fire brigade organized a village festival. The festivities included: eating, drinking, dancing, and a colourful flea market. The talented Stelvio Weavers opened their workshop for visitors. The weather was gorgeous, and the finishing touch was a fine glass of wine Sunday evening.

Stelvio weavers

April 17, 2018

Clean Up

After the long winter, we start the cleanup work in the herb garden. The first blooming and budding has arrived, with Garlic Mustard for cooking, Wild Leeks, Chamomile, Evening Primrose and much more. Our herbal year begins.

March 27, 2018

Here and There

The Citizens Cooperative “Here and There” organized a festival to highlight the good life in the country side. It was held between March 23rd and 25th. They presented examples of how to improve in different areas, held an open forum and offered hikes. Siegi lead a group of 30, including a lot of students, and guided them through Stelvio, up to the farms and courtyards to our herbal gardens, ending at the old barn. To highlight the route, we served our delicious Stelvio Mountain-Herbal Tea.

here and there

March 4, 2018

Sleepy Breadseed Poppy

Stelvio’s residents always welcome the unexpected, and it is always a nice surprise. One of our neighbours, Roland, has a gorgeous garden just up the hill on the outskirts, in Fatira. This week, he brought samples of his poppy harvest. His beautiful Sleepy Breadseed Poppy will soon be turned into a juicy Stelvio Poppy-seed-cake.

February 6, 2018

Coming soon

Every two years, Stelvio celebrates its “Pfluagziachn”. A colorful and wild carnival spectacle, following an old farmers tradition. Expulsing the winter with noisy huge cow bells, welcoming spring. Locals dressed up as farmers and servants follow the plow, pulled by six young men disguised as oxen. Different illustrious figures in unusual devilish masks scare the spectators. The dumpling feast ends the festivities.

January 28, 2018


We are having a picture-perfect winter with lots of snow. Our expectations for a beautiful spring are good.

December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas!

Preparations for Christmas are on its way. Our almond cake needs to cool before we decorate it with roasted sliced almonds. Something is missing, oh well, I’m sure it tastes fabulous.

November 10, 2017

Herbal Tea

The First Herba Alpina in Glorenzia was a huge success. 13 South
Tyrolian herb growers presented their products. A variety of 26 herbal teas
were tasted. The event offered lectures, a lot of good conversations, and an
amazing ambience. It was a great experience.

October 26, 2017

Herba Alpina

We are members of the Association of Herbal Farmers in South Tyrol. This
year we organized the First Festival of the Culture of Alpine Herbs, to be held on November 5th in Glorenzia. The program is really diverse, as are the
products and the herb growers. Come and join us!

Herba Alpina
Südtirol Kräuter

October 15, 2017

Practice early

The children in Stelvio learn at an early age, how to handle large
animals. You can only observe and admire.

September 3, 2017


This week we lost Siegi’s cousin Bernhard. All these years he
accompanied and helped us. Everybody felt at ease in his company, for our guests as well as us. Midmorning he always enjoyed an Espresso with Traude, then went on to join Siegi in the herbal gardens, followed by an update on
daily events with a glass of beer. He loved sitting in the sun, relaxing, and taking it a day at a time.. Unfortunately, no more. Irreplaceable.

August 28, 2017

Time of Ripening

Our herbal garden is still in full bloom. Mallows, marigolds, marshmallow, evening primrose, and more are harvested every day. Plums are also ripe, indicating autumn is just around the corner.

August 12, 2017


Two weeks’ holiday in Stelvio and Yvonne von Langsdorff, a designer of trousers from Berlin, captured her time in an oil-painting.

July 25, 2017

Excursion in the Mountains

The horses, Nebo & Socke, from Germany came to visit us in Stelvio. The crisp air at 1,300 meters was exactly what they needed. Siegi’s meadows and the neighbour’s grassland were just delicious for our four-legged friends. Since Andrea, the horses’ owner, wasn’t fit for our mountains, the trip was cut short.

July 10, 2017

Orchid Flower

Every year in June, Siegi begins his herbal hikes through the National Park of Stelvio. It starts each Thursday at 9am. Next Thursday, he will be taking a group to the Furkelhütte at 2153m, then to continue to the Prader Alm at 2050m, and back to Stelvio. You can find the most beautiful and tender blossoms on the mountain meadows, including a variety of local orchids.

Join us! Simply register at the tourism board Prad (Tel. 0473/616034)

Photo: Spotted Boy’s Weed or Dactylorhiza maculata

June 28, 2017


Traude was looking for a culinary reading for the summer and found a magazine called “My good country kitchen”. It offers a nice variety of summer recipes. To her amazement, she found a great article about the Stilfser Bergkräuter and the Tea Salon in Glorenza.
What a nice surprise!

May 17, 2017

Our Herbal Calendar

This year, the weather has been on our side. It was warm in March and the first flowers started blooming. Then, we had some snow that we didn’t in the winter. We are happy about this since the ground was pretty dry. Now, everything is going as it should. It is May, the ground is warm and we are already picking our first herbs for the kitchen which are wild leeks, garlic mustard, yarrow and dandelion; as well as the first tender strawberry-leaves and birch-leaves for our herbal tea assortment.

April 15, 2017


Siegi reached a milestone. He is 60 now. According to him, it's just a number and nothing is slowing him down. There is still much to do, like planning, coordinating projects and endless work.
Happy Birthday!

March 7, 2017

Time Out in Stelvio

House 59 was gently renovated by Karin Dalla Torre & Thomas Pichler. It was turned into a beautiful vacation home with a lot of character, and is in the middle of the town. It radiates simplicity and stunning beauty.
It has everything you need without being too much.

More under:
Haus 59

January 19, 2017

From the meadows to your plate

Last year in May, a film crew from the Austrian TV channel Servus visited us. It was part of a documentary about organic herb farming to creative cuisine. The filming took place at our organic herb fields, the Alpine meadows of Stelvio and in our Tea Salon, here in Glorenza. Siegi picked herbs and explained different things about them and Traude showcased her talent in the kitchen. On that day, the Women Choir Vinschgadina also performed a beautiful concert in our Tea Salon. They came together from the Swiss region of Engadine and the South Tyrolian Vinschgau Valley. It was very exciting to have the TV crew with us and now we can see the results. Watch it January 22nd at 20:15 on Servus TV


December 16


It must be Stelvio. Every few months, we witness a supermoon that feels so close to us, you could almost touch it.

November 25, 2016


Christmas is just around the corner. We know that things get hectic before all the festivities, as do mail and delivery systems getting overloaded and some things just get stuck. We are eager to send out all our orders as fast as possible. It's a great deal of work. We are filled with joy when the parcels are picked up and go onto their long journeys.

15 September 2016


We are still adjusting. For almost a year, Traude has been successfully managing the tea salon in Glorenza, and Siegi continues to work in the herbal fields. Whenever there is time we help each other and we do a lot of things together. Like during the Pala-Pear Market in Glorenza, we combined our efforts. It was a colorful market on a sunny day, a beautiful prelude to the Pala-Pear Weeks. Our tea salon offered Pala-Pear cakes and Pala-Pear gnocchi. We are looking forward to a beautiful autumn.

fotocredit: Hans Wetzelsdorfer

July 27, 2016

Botanical Hikes

Every Thursday Siegi guides a botanical tour through the Stelvio National Park, introducing the native flora to each group. He continues to learn and showcase his vast knowledge in German and Italian. If he encounters a plant for the first time, then he can always count on the botanical book “Flora Helvetica”, which is probably the most comprehensive field guide for this region. Lifelong learning.

Registrations at the tourist office in Prada at 0473/616034

June 21, 2016

Tough Times

Every year around this time, it is a challenge for us. The colorful blossoms in our arsenal are getting low and we are looking forward to the new harvest. The last few weeks of rain has slowed us down but all is good. Our plants are growing impetuously. We just need a bit of sunshine to stock our storage.

May 18, 2016

Every Year, a new beginning

Our herbal season started out with wet and chilling weather, the same as the past few years. Siege is busy sowing seeds and planting early seedlings. One of the firsts, the chamomile is about to bloom. We have the determined endurance for the task before us.

April 28, 2016

April, April!

Driving from Stelvio down to the valley we were surprised by beautiful frozen apple blossoms. Apparently, the nightly frost irrigation protects the blossoms and therefore future apples. It’s breathtaking to see, and hopefully true.

April 16, 2016


For the first time, we experience in Glorenza the gorgeous blossoms from the Pala-Pear. The trees are very tall and in full bloom with white pear blossoms. To harvest the pears is quite a task, yet picking the flowers is more difficult. The unique fragrance is inspiring and helps us in creating a new blend of herbal tea. The strong winds these days make harvesting quite a challenge.

March 1, 2016

Pleasant & Helpful

We visited the vineyard Unterhofer in Kaltern, South Tyrol which is owned by Helga and Thomas Unterhofer. Since the opening of our Tea Salon we have been serving their wine. Now, we finally had the opportunity to tour their winery. What a wonderful day, we went from snowy Stelvio to a spring-like scenery. We enjoyed the picturesque views from their sunny terrace and tasted their Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Vernatsch. What a treat! We also told them about our own pressed wine called Nero from 2014. We are looking forward to their visit with us.

Winery Unterhofer

February 25, 2016

A New Leaf

Since opening our organic herbal company we have always used beautiful postcards showing our herbs and flowers as business cards. We were allowed to use amazing images from known photographers. Today we received our new addition from Armin Furlan. It is an artistically captured Nettle Leaf. See for yourself. We are anticipating our new herbs to be growing soon.

February 10, 2016

We South Tyrollean Herb Farmers

Herb Farmers are spread out all through South Tyrol. We visited Dora Leiter and her husband on the Getzlechenhof farm in the Ahrntal Valley. You could not see much of the herb plantation. They were covered by a thick layer of snow. We were in awe of the variety of products in their shop. They not only produce herbal teas but herb-filled cushions, creams and distilled herbal essences, which are used to perfume soaps. Enjoying a pot of herbal tea we talked about the past year and other reminiscing.

Südtiroler Kräuteranbauerinnen & Kräuteranbauer

February 2, 2016

Weather Conditions

Up until now winter has been holding back. It was warm in November with little rain and snow. In the meantime tulips and other spring flowers are sprouting. Our wish for the universe is to get back to normal with cold and wet weather. Meanwhile, we take it as it comes and hope for better weather for our herbs.

January 1, 2016


Wishing you the most wonderful year you can imagine: filled with laughter, happiness, health and quite moments to enjoy a cup of our organic herbal teas. And as we say in Stelvio “Have a blissful New Year”

December 9, 2015

Advent Market in Glorenza

Last night, just before 9pm the night watchman from Glorenza came to our Tea Salon. He officially pronounced the closing of the Advent market with a well-known poem “Hear good people, let me tell you, the clock turned 9..” It has been three crazy days. Many people stopped by, had a cup of tea, warmed up a bit and left in a hurry. We are happy we made it! We have two days off now. We will open again on December 12th.

December 2, 2015

All is new

As of October 30th we have our kitchen and living room in Glorenza, and our bedroom in Stelvio. What an adjustment. Everything is still in progress. We are closed on Mondays to run errands for our Tea Salon. The hours we are open are on a trial basis, and our valued guests are testing the menu. Let’s see where this all takes us …

November 1, 2015

Open doors

Something exciting happened. We opened our Tea Salon in Glorenza! Today is already our third day of our store, which includes a bistro, and everything is new for us. We were very pleased with the city’s cooperation, our architect Jürgen Wallnhöfer, and all the craftsmen that helped us. We are looking forward to welcoming all the citizens of Glorenza. Our hours; 10am-6pm every day except Monday. Location: Laubengasse 11.

October 20, 2015


We are a certified organic herbal manufacturer, which means that our operation is checked annually. Probes are taken from our herbs and carefully analyzed. Two weeks ago we received devastating news. After initial testing there was residue of a chemical pesticide that is used in apple production. We found ourselves asking the question if an organic production in our current location of Stelvio would be still possible? Even though there are not any apple orchards in our vicinity. Endless phone calls later, closing down our production for a time and new probes were taken. The final analysis proved that everything was as it should be. What a relief! We are focusing now on opening our Tea Salon in Glorenza.

September 10, 2015


The ongoing harvest and the detailed preparation for our new Tea-Salon in Glorenza keeps us quite busy. There is a lot to do, but this is nothing new. This year our grapevine at the house is not producing at all, we could almost call it is a blessing. It is probably because we had a record harvest in 2014 with 53 kilos of grapes! We still have a few bottles left for special occasions, unique guests and a late night drink. Lucky for us, the grape harvest of our friends Engelbert & Werner Rauchbauer in Burgenland is promising. We love their wines. Recently they started selling their products online as well.

Weingut Rauchbauer

August 20, 2015

ORF visiting!

We just had a surprising visit from the Austrian TV broadcaster ORF out of Vienna. Verena Pawel, the producer of the daily show “Living Today” is touring South Tyrol. She came equipped with a van and a broadcasting team. They filmed our herbal gardens, the Tea Salon and our creative workspace in the former stable. They completed their last shot at the Parish Church in Stelvio and it was shown that same day at 5:30pm on ORF2. A few days earlier we had rain and our blossoms and herbs were gorgeous and abundant. Stelvio at its best!

Heute Leben

August 2, 2015


The work at our new Tea Salon at Laubengasse 11 in Glorenza is progressing smoothly. We had friends from Vienna, Berlin, Marbach, Prottes and Kaiserslautern come for a visit and see the renovations. Afterwards, everybody joined us for refreshments, catered by Carla & Paavo from Berlin. They were amazed by the location and ambience. We deeply appreciate all the best wishes, and can’t wait to kick off our flagship Tea Salon. We expect to be open sometime in October.

July 28, 2015

Siegi is crazy

Ten years ago, there were more than a few in his hometown of Stelvio that thought he was crazy, because he decided to grow and cultivate herbs. Usually people move from Stelvio in search for work. However, Siegi decided to stay and work here, and there are no regrets. It's uncertain how many still think he is a bit crazy, yet there are others who fully understand his path. Take Andrea as an example; she is from Stelvio and is currently finishing her required internship from the Vienna University of Natural Resources. She is learning from our business, understanding seeds, planting, harvesting and processing. We are very happy that there are young people interested in this kind of work.

July 23, 2015

Applied Science

For a few weeks now, Bianca has been helping out in the fields. She studies agriculture at the Vienna University of Natural Resources. Her internship led her to Stelvio, and she is a big help. We are in the high season for picking our bountiful blossoms. Siegi is especially happy, and she has a lot of questions about plants, flowers and herbs. If Siegi needs to look something up, we all gather around his “bible”, the Flora Helvetica. Bianca already has developed an innovative method to protect the picker from the fine dust of the Mullein. Could this be something for the European Patent Office?

July 16, 2015

Drones over Stelvio

Movie shooting at our organic herbal fields, and the movie stars are our colourful and abundant blossoms. This video was filmed for South Tyrol Marketing. The camera-drones swivelled around our mallows, evening primroses, cornflowers, bee balms and so many more. The drone moved from high above to up-close, and from elegant descending to rapid ascending. We are curious about the results.

June 26, 2015

Our New Project

Stilfser Bergkräuter goes Glorenza. We are opening a tea salon in the small medieval town, located in a gorgeous old house in the Laubengasse. Renovation is on its way, and we can already feel the good vibes. Our flagship store is opening in autumn.


June 8, 2015

Love for Objects

A few weeks back Annamaria Bott, who is interested in growing herbs on her farm, visited us with her father Jon. They are both from Tschierv, just across the nearby boarder of Switzerland, over the mountain of Piz Chavalatsch. One rainy day we decided to pay them a visit. Jon is a carpenter, and has restored a lot of furniture. In his place he has a beautiful collection of everyday items, furniture, household gadgets and general tools. He has many items from the days when machines were not common. We were very impressed by his collection, and even more so of his love for these objects.

May 7, 2015

School Excursion

Yesterday, the kids and their teachers from the Stelvio Primary School visited us as part of their school project. There were 28 children from 1st to 5th year. They toured our herbal fields, picked wild flowers and herbs, and at the end of their visit they enjoyed an afternoon teatime. This included home-baked Rosemary bread, garlic-hedge mustard-pesto, and cake with Marigold-sugar-frosting. Every child got a flowerpot with four different seeds to take home. Let's see if the seeds come up.

May 3, 2015

Keeping the Overview

We have been on the road for two days. First, in the township of Tirol at the Culinary Market, then in Merano at the weekly Merano Market, with changing weather from soft rain to bright sunshine. We stayed at the Obberegghof on the outskirts of Merano with Brigitte und Gerhard Laimer. Their farm, as so many others, was built on the steep ramp of the Hochmuth mountain overlooking Merano. A few years ago you could only reach them by foot or cable railway. The morning brought us a picturesque view of Merano, and it was great to get everything in perspective. The world seemed so peaceful at their farm up at 3,600 feet, relaxing and well kept.


April 27, 2015

Booth with a Lake View

We just returned from the 10th Garden Exhibition in Lindau, a Bavarian town on Lake Constance. We are still filled with beautiful impressions of the lake, the lush plants, flowers in full bloom, the spacious gardens and the always-changing atmosphere at the water. The visitors enjoyed strolling through the parks. We met many nice gardeners, and this experience almost felt like a vacation.

Gartentage Lindau

March 30, 2015

Farmhouse Rimpfhof

Michaela and Walter Meissl run a workshop in Vienna for artwork in the experimental and applied ceramics. Every summer they move their workshop to unique sites outside the country. For the past two years, they have found the ideal location in the Farmhouse Rimpfhof, located above the township of Lasa in the province Vinschgau of South Tyrol. This summer they offer two Raku-Ceramic-Classes that teaches the Japanese firing process. The classes will be July 25-31 and August 2-8. Moulding of clay objects, as well as ceramics for every-day use will let you forget the world around you. The unique architecture of this venue and the breath-taking landscape will expand your creativity.

atelier mindquarters

March 25, 2015

Wine & Herbal Teas

Last Saturday we were invited to Joseph’s Bistro in the Landtrasse in Vienna. Together with Bernhard Ott and Cellar Master Günter Weisböck we presented Ott's Creations. For the first time we tasted the amphora-wine, a specific method to age wine in a ceramic vessel, as well as superb Veltliner from the Weinviertel area in Lower Austria. Since this organic winery uses herbal teas not only for strengthening and healthy growth of their vines but also for personal consumption, herbal teas are a big subject at vineyard Weingut Ott.

Weingut Ott
Joseph Genuss

February 21, 2015

Among Friends

Together with friends from Berlin, Cologne, St. Valentin, Vienna and Eisenstadt,we will showcase and sale our diverse products next week in Vienna and Linz. Our products will range from art and fashion, design and beauty care, and of course plenty of tastes to savour. Here is a sampling of what we have produced with care; trousers, shoes, herbal teas, bags, beauty products, wine and ceramic objects. It will be a pleasure to see the fine products that our friends are bringing.

28.2., 11-18h, Hotel Astoria, Kärntnerstr. 32-34, 1010 Wien
1.3., 11-18h, Redoutensäle, Spiegelsaal, Linz

January 26, 2015

Gertrud or Gertraud

These were common names for girls in the 50s and 60s. Last weekend we were attending the exhibition of orchids in the Nursery Schullian with our organic herbal teas. There I met Gertrud, called Gerti. She thought my name was also Gertrud, so I corrected her by saying “no, it is Gertraud”. Her response was:

“I don't like Getraud.”
“And I don't like Gertrud.”

We both laughed in agreement.

January 21, 2015

Snow, Wind & Weather

Last week the German Broadcast ZDF film crew was in the town of Sulden. They taped the 'TV Garden' at 2800m altitude at the Madritsch Lodge, and it was a live broadcast on January 18 with sunshine and blue skies. Two days earlier they taped another 'TV Garden' for February 1st (11-13:15h), with heavy storms, never ending snowfall, fog, and very cold temperatures. Siegi appeared on this show as their guest, showing our herbal teas. All went well, until we both got sick with body aches, fever and a bad cough. We are drinking our herbal teas, and getting better every day.

January 11, 2015

Otto & Speedy

A few days ago we discovered that cats indeed love herbal teas. Our tomcat Otto jumped onto the table and actually sipped our breakfast herbal tea, and loved it. Since then he and his relatives enjoy a daily cup of herbal tea. In Vienna we have another special client, Speedy, the horse. After a bad injury, his devoted owner is adding to his recovery by giving him our herbal teas. He loves it too. This makes us truly happy.

December 17, 2014

Unknown Terrain

Four years ago Karl Racek invited us to the Historic Christmas Market “Fantashion”, in the town of Merzig in Germany. It is an exciting market where all the vendors dress up in old-fashioned costumes. Every year we look forward to being there, and selling our herbal teas in this picturesque medieval ambience. The people of Merzig are very open and friendly, and we have the best place in town to rest and eat, the Guest House Blasius. Peter Blasius cooks delicate and light meals, and his wife Ursula is in charge of taking care of their guests. This is an absolutely perfect accommodation, especially after a rainy day at the market.

Guest House Blasius
Christmas Market Fantashion

December 10, 2014

Rolls Royce

We finally got it: the Rolls Royce of brooms! We purchased it at the Christmas Market in Bad Hindelang, they are made by Besen Paule, a 5th generation broom maker. Rudolf Euringer in Sonthofen professionally adapted the broom; it has a beeswax treated handle, and with great ingenuity fastened with screws. This broom is designed for life. Unlike the first Rolls Royce, our broom did not come with a chauffeur.

Besen Paule

November 30, 2014


This is our third year at the Christmas Market in Bad Hindelang, Allgäu, a region in Bavaria. The journey was quite an experience with breath-taking views, blue skies and bright sunshine. We took the route from Imst in Tyrol, crossing the Hahntennjoch Pass, through both alpine valleys of Lechtal and Tannheimertal. We already have friends and fans here in Bad Hindelang who love our herbal teas. We invited the Christkind to a cup of tea, and the kindly reply was “Much too busy! No time to take time!”

Christmas Market Bad Hindelang

November 24, 2014

New Planet

Last weekend we presented our organic herbal teas at the Vegan Planet Exhibition. It was held at the MAK, the Museum of Applied Arts, in Vienna. This was our first attendance; we received amazing feedback, sincere appreciation, beautiful commendations and high appraisal for our colourful tea blends. We also explored our way through the culinary vegan goodies, such as powerful green smoothies, barley juices and vegan wine tastings. We got a well-deserved kick from the delicious energy balls, when we were feeling a bit of fatigue. Our ride back home flew by quickly. All the fabulous vegan energy we received will carry us through New Year, I’m sure!

Vegan Planet

November 10, 2014

Next Stop: Hamburg

Three weeks ago we were at The Gustav, an exhibition for design and indulgence. We met many nice people and they loved our herbal teas. We immediately clicked with Tina Zehnle and Yvonne Langsdorff. These talented ladies from Berlin are both successful designers, creating a variety of trousers. Our collaboration of designer-pants and Stilfser Herbal Teas will be on November 16th in the Lobby of the 25hours Hotel Hamburg in the Hanseatic city, at Überseeallee 5.

Zehnle von Langsdorff

November 10, 2014

Biolife 2014

Every year we participate at the Biolife in Bozen, where we showcase our herbal teas. Exhibitions are exhausting; yet at the same time a lot of fun. Annually, we are able to meet producers of pure organic certified edibles. We buy our olive oil from Loretta and Teodoro Fratino, they are from Colletorto, in the southern Italian region of Molise, at the boarder to Apulia. It is our desire to go there one day.


October 28, 2014


Daniela Hillebrand from Prissian in South Tyrol visited us November of last year. For her thesis in Architectural Studies, she decided to choose a design of a functional herbal farm that would include a green house, dehydration and storage, processing, sales, a tea salon, a kitchen, an office as well as vacation homes and Siegi’s dream of a “living herbarium”. Daniela had her final exam last Friday, and presented her project in front of the council at the University of Innsbruck. She passed receiving praise and approval for her unique design. We are very happy for her.

October 6, 2014

Across the Boarder

The village of Valchava is on the other side of our very own mountain, the Piz Chavalatsch, in the Swiss valley of Münster. Yesterday was the Harvest Festival, also called Festa da Racolta in the Val Müstair. It exceeded our expectations of a village festival. Everybody seemed to participate; there was a procession of old tractors. The festival also included cows, goats, donkeys, decorated harvest carriages, children and a herd of chamois. There were even poachers there. Many fine local products were offered at the market, as well as beautiful handmade crafts and delicious food. It was a lot of fun and we were very happy to be a part of it.

September 15, 2014


Elisabeth Ruckser describes her visit in Stelvio and our organic herb farm, in the September issue of the Austrian magazine Servus. Maren Krings took the pictures for the article. Siegi guided both to our herb fields, to the mountain pastures and back to our place. Afterwards they enjoyed a cup of our herbal tea. They talked about life and daily work in the fields.

August 18, 2014

With one leg and no handlebar

Guiliano Calore from Padua is a phenomenon. At age 76 he still does extreme cycling without a handlebar, and only one leg. He cycles high up and then down the Stelvio Pass, which is at an elevation of 2,700 meters. He made it eight times into the Guinness Book of World Records. Since he has conquered the Stelvio Pass, his next attempt will be to defeat it on snow and ice. Guiliano visited us yesterday, and we could not help but admire his vitality. His abilities, determination and drive are far beyond our reach, even with our Stelvio Mountain Herbal Tea as doping.

Giuliano Calore

July 30, 2014

Rain, rain, rain

This weather is giving us a bad headache. There is rain, rain and more rain. However, our beautiful herbs grow in abundance. Unfortunately, we can't harvest them, because rainy days mean waiting for sunshine. The weather report is promising us better days, so we will take it easy and drink our delicious tea.

July 5, 2014

Made in Stilfs

Verena Wopfner lives in Stilfs with her husband Ulrich Platzer. He breeds sheep, and she felts. Verena is also an interior designer. She has blended her two passions to masterfully create amazing murals made from their own sheep’s wool. Even though she uses traditional materials, her treatment and composition shows a unique expressiveness in the way the wool is installed in her murals. Last night was the preview of her art in the gallery projectspace70 in Glurns. Her objects show a profound depth, which draws the viewer into each mural, and you find yourself immersed in their beauty. Her murals can be seen daily between 10am and 8pm until July 13th, 2014.

lalu – lana luxury

June 24, 2014


We stayed three days at the Bio-Festival Biomarché in Zofingen, Switzerland, and our herbal teas and syrups were well received. However, far away from the hustle and bustle in a quite little street, we discovered an interesting ceramic studio. Unique items were creatively displayed that enchanted us. Huge mobiles were hanging from branches, bamboo canes and trunks of Giant Hogweeds. These produced graceful sounds that started with the smallest airflow, turning and changing the delicate tiny clay pieces. We paused, and enjoyed some reflective moments with Ursula Laustela.

Keramik Laustela

June 18, 2014

International Assistance

Our homepage continues to grow. The English translations happen to be a global collaboration. Ryan from Boston and also Emily, an American in Vienna, helped out at the beginning. Renate, a schoolmate of Traude, has now taken over, and currently lives on the Emerald Coast in Florida. She transfers our blogs and recipes with much care and love. Her husband Tom adds the final touch. To set the mood for the translations, they both enjoy our Stelvio Herbal Teas. Thank You!

June 2, 2014


For 40 years Duilio Avezzu, a passionate photographer, has been coming to Stelvio. His pictures remind us of loved ones, who have passed on, and how things continue to change. The cover of our tea-packages shows one of his iconic pictures. It is of Siegi’s parents in front of their home, chatting with neighbours. He captured this moment in time. With great curiosity he has collected very old photos, which fuels his documentary “Life in Stelvio”. Duilio had a large exhibition in his hometown of Cavarzere. His black and white portraits add an additional layer of complexity to the subjects, men who were bonded by poverty and pride, in the Alps and on the seaside.

May 26, 2014

Easy going..

Imagine sitting high above at the Tschengls Castle, listening to a “Tittla’s” music session, enjoying the breath-taking landscape, with it a glass of wine and good food. What else does one need? Last Saturday we participated in the 1st Karner Market. The atmosphere was sunny and very peaceful. In other words, it was easy going. We chatted, danced and relaxed for an unforgettable time.

May 9, 2014

Spring is here!

Last winter was very long and brought much too much snow. We couldn’t wait for spring to arrive, but then everything began to come to life at the same time. Fortunately, most plants survived from last year, and they are growing in an amazing way. We filled the gaps with young seedlings, and our chamomile is growing rapidly. Just thinking of the upcoming picking season makes our back’s hurt. We welcome Anna, our new team member; she is adjusting well, and is a big asset. She has a respected Demeter-Education in agriculture and gardening, and comes to us with much experience.

April 29, 2014

Tough Times

Can you believe that our little town of Stilfs with only 460 residents has three inns and three food markets? There is wonderful local cuisine all around; unfortunately, all inns close a day after the winter season ends. Last night, we enjoyed a relaxed farewell evening at Gasthaus Sonne before their long break until summer. How will we survive? We will miss the advice of Helmut and Erna, be without Paul’s cuisine and Gert’s encouragement, for the next four long weeks. ;-)

April 25, 2014

Art & Design

Glurns is the smallest and yet the most beautiful city of Vinschgau. It is home to a new gallery that just opened its doors, Projectspace 70. The proprietors are a renowned artist, Patrizia Castano, and her husband Giorgio Tagliabue. The gallery is located in Laubengasse 18, and displays the creation of Mexican artist Maria Teresa Gonzalez Ramirez. Her style of art playfully reveals the transformation of light. It has the ability to let the visitors’ experience through their own motion, seemingly monochrome images turning into colours. Guests of this opening event not only enjoyed the wonderful art, but also our vibrant tea assortment that seemed too compliant the amazing ambience.


April 16, 2014

Coffee with Friends

On our way home to Stilfs, we took a detour to the town of Glonn, which is near Rosenheim in Upper Bavaria, and visited the unique Hermannsdorfer
Farmer’s Estate. The Schweisfurth Family has created an amazing complex, it has more than can be explained in this blog, from state of the art animal housing to high quality food processing. Ms. Mira Merchant manages the coffee roasters, and the beans are acquired from small coffee plantations. The estate is surrounded by a beautiful countryside with soft rolling hills and luscious green vegetation. It is truly the ideal venue for our herbal tea assortments.

Herrmannsdorfer Landwerkstätten

April 7, 2014

In the heart of Vienna

This week we will be in Vienna. Together with other vendors we will present our products in the middle of downtown Vienna. Hotel guests and visitors will be able to smell, taste and enjoy our creations. There will be a variety of goods for sale; like fresh baked Parlbread, award winning Alpine cheeses and first-class regional wines. The South Tyrolean Pala-Pear with its caramel aroma is a delicacy, which is perfect for chutneys, Mostarda and vinegar. You will also find an array of organic herbal teas, spices, natural cosmetics and much more. Take your time and drop by.

April 11, 2014, 11.00-19.00h
April 12, 2014, 11.00-17.00h

Hotel Astoria
Kärntnerstrasse 32-34, 1010 Wien
tel +43 1 515 77 0

March 31, 2014

Down under

We recently visited the Augarten Nursery in Nenzing, Vorarlberg, which is owned by the family Kopf, who are big Australian fans. The event was a classy prelude to the annual gardening season, set in the luscious well-stocked greenhouse. There were flowers everywhere, and the greenery seemed endless with the gentle warmth of the spring sun. Their daughter-in-law, Lauren, is a native of Australia, and supervised the event with much enthusiasm. Fabian and Kai helped out the same as last year, and we will look forward to coming again.

Gärtnerei im Augarten

March 25, 2014

Spring in Friedrichshafen

We just wrapped up five days of the annual Spring Exhibition in Friedrichshafen, Germany. With 70,000 visitors, four simultaneous trade shows, huge pavilions, countless exhibitors, and we were in the middle of it. Our herb-colleagues Silke from Nehren and Markus stopped by our booth. We also had two gentlemen from the Department of Food Inspection visit us; they were kind and very helpful. By using a government-approved template, they determined the measurement of our Mountain-Syrup “Trada” needed an additional 1mm to be EU approved. We were very thankful for their advice, and it goes without saying that we will adjust it accordingly.

March 14, 2014

Research and Development

During the winter months when our storage is full, we create new herbal tea mixtures. We blend and savour them until our team approves the new flavour combination. Our company has three team members: Siegi, Traude and Paola. When we are satisfied with the taste, we move to our marketing department (Siegi & Traude) to select a worthy name. This sometimes takes a while, and then the tea is ready to sell. This year’s creation is called “Vogelsang” (Bird Song). It consists of bee balm leaves, wild cherry blossoms and flowers of the great mullein. Soon the wild cherry trees will be in full bloom again. After that, you will find Vogelsang in our shop.

March 11, 2014

The Smile of a Winner

The 11th Cheese Festival in Sand/Taufers, in South Tyrol, has concluded. It certainly was an interesting time. We offered our herbal tea collection, and took the opportunity to savour the vast cheese assortments. It was an amazing experience. We tasted the winning cheese, which after a maturing period of 22 months had an appealing outer appearance and a complex aroma. The winner of the 2014 Cheese Festival was “Rims” from the cheese farm Englhorn of Schleis/Vinschgau. The Agethle family and the cheese maker Max Eller were the proud winners. We met Sonja Agethle and her winning smile right after the award ceremony.

Cheese farm Englhorn

February 10, 2014


Four years ago South Tyrol started an endowed film sponsorship, in order to bring international movie productions to the area. The upcoming 3D movie “Everest” is now being filmed in the Senales Valley. Because they needed helping hands, Siegi became a part of it, of course. Together with young men from Vinschgau they took everything to and from the set, which is a glacier. The past two weeks the weather was much like the Himalayas. They even had Sherpa people, who played themselves. It is three weeks of adventure in Vinschgau.

February 12, 2014


Two days ago our friend Maria Moser, from Stilfs, passed away unexpectedly. Her iconic picture, taken by Hermann M. Gasser during the last festival “Stilfs Vertical” was synonymous with the festival. She was so proud that her picture could be seen everywhere in Vinschgau. Her zest for life was not only shown in the picture, she also lived it. Music was her passion, and she played the organ in the church. She was a free spirit, full of cheerful curiosity, and loved meeting new people. During the summer she was always early in her vegetable garden, which borders our herb fields. Over the fence we exchanged philosophies about weather and growing vegetables. We miss her.

January 27, 2014

Good to know!

We travel a lot to offer our herbal teas, to various organic markets and delicacy trade shows. Traude is always searching for unique cooking ingredients. In Bolzano we discovered Verjus, a pressed juice of unripen unfermented green grapes, from the Strickerhof Farm in Fragart, owned by the Kasseroller family. Verjus has a much gentler flavour than vinegar and is ideal for cooking, when a sweet-tart taste is needed, to heighten the flavour of many sauces or mustards. We also savoured their fine variety of grape juices.

16 January 2014

And the year goes on..

This is the view of the Ortler Alps from our home. Everything is snow covered, and our herbs are resting, well packed under this heavy mantle. This is great for the upcoming spring and the first burst of growth. We are back on the road, and next weekend we will be in Bolzano, at the annual Orchid Exhibition, in the Schullian Nursery. We will enjoy their heated greenhouse, with all the skilful experts and the breath-taking colourful flora.

January 1, 2014

Gorgeous Sunshine

The New Year started in a beautiful way, with sunshine, blue skies and a breath-taking winter wonderland. We were pampered with an amazing meal at the Gasthaus Sonne in Stelvio, which included a delicious four-course menu. We celebrated the New Year with Erna, Helmut, Paul and Gert. Cheers!

We wish you All a blessed New Year!

December 28, 2013


We spent a very peaceful Christmas in Burgenland, celebrating with family and friends, eating, drinking, and chatting. We met Michael Oberhauser and his son at a festive gathering. He is the organizer of the 24-Hours-Extreme Walking-Tour, and this is the third year. It goes from Oggau, around the Neusiedler Lake, and back to Oggau. The extreme walk is 120km, to be done in an uninterrupted 24-hour period. The Walk has grown each year. This year’s event will be on January 31st. We will not make it this year, but maybe if we exercise enough, who knows, we might be ready for 2015!


December 17, 2013

Take your time..

The days before Christmas are always somewhat stressful. We sold our teas at two Christmas markets, one in Bad Hindelang and the other in Merzig. We are back in Stelvio now, and our Herbal teas are mixed, packed and shipped. These herbal delights need to arrive before December 24th. Meanwhile, may we suggest; take your time, relax, drink a cup of our Zenza herbal mixture, take a deep breath and enjoy a little moment of heaven.

November 20, 2013

Architecture & Herbs

Daniela is from Prissian in Überetsch (South Tyrol), and studies architecture in Innsbruck. She has selected the design of an herbal farm as her thesis. We introduced her to the diverse necessities for such a specialty farm on her recent visit in Stelvio. She was busy designing a green house, dehydration and storage, processing, sales, a tea salon, a kitchen, an office as well as vacation homes and will include Siegi’s dream of a “living herbarium” (a place for plants to be gently dried and naturally conserved). We can’t wait to see her final design.

November 11, 2013

Martini Renaissance Market in Dornbirn (Vorarlberg)

The Martini Market was fabulous and took place with glorious weather, a lot of sunshine. It felt very warm since we were wearing our Persian lamb coats. The atmosphere was very cheerful, and thanks to the townsmen and women of Dornbirn, a glass of sparkling wine mid morning lifted our spirits. Our recommendation is to add a little Alpine herbal syrup to your sparkling wine. Delicious!

November 6, 2013

The Joseph, vom Pheinsten-Store

Joseph’s Bakery has opened a new store in the 3rd district of Vienna @ Landstrasser Hauptstr. 4. It is called Brot vom Pheinsten, it is a German word game for Bread at its Finest. They feature organic, traditional breads that taste fabulous. We are very proud to announce that our organic herbal tea assortment is now available there. Like Piola, for preventing colds and to keep you warm, it is filled with Sage, blossoms of Mallows, Garden Cornflower and Thyme. Our blend Bondenäcker is also perfect for breakfast, completed with Peppermint, Evening-Primrose, blossoms of Mallows and Garden Cornflowers. Please visit Joseph’s Bakery and remember to enjoy our wonderful teas.

October 31, 2013

Halloween in Stelvio!

This year we received a great deal of support from Vienna! Ludwig and Rebekka, the children of our staff member Paola, celebrated Halloween with Alexander, Traude’s nephew from Vienna. We served creamy pumpkin soup in a real pumpkin, pizza, chocolate cake, and syrups of mallows and Alpine herbs. To give a little more realistic effect to the festivities, we also had some bloody cut-off fingers, which were made from Frankfort sausages. Slowly, we are getting accustomed to Halloween!

October 24, 2013


Two years ago, we decided to begin selling our herbal tea blends online. Our first customer was Melanie from Switzerland, and yesterday Melanie and Björn came to visit us in Stelvio. He is an architect and she is a graphic designer, they have a passion for design, and an equal passion for our teas. They have renewed their annual order for the third time! We are delighted, and we want everyone to know that we still have plenty organic herbal tea blends available.

October 18, 2013

A smiling Great Mullein

Last week heavy snow surprised us, and it stayed longer than anticipated, crushing our last crop. It was devastating and we too were crushed. Then a beautiful image from Karina, in Upper Austria, arrived in our Inbox. It was a ‘Great Mullein’ with a smiling face. We felt as if we had received a message saying, “all will be well”.

October 5, 2013

Our 500th client!

Cornelia and Steffen from Frankfurt came for a surprise visit. Cornelia discovered our herbal tea blends during her last holiday, she then found our website.

Cornelia is our 500th client! Congratulations!

We invited both of them for lunch at our place, we had good conversations and enjoyed a hot cup of herbal tea. Today, their holiday ends, and we are looking forward to their next visit!

October 2, 2013

Tea Ceremony

Karin Nakagawa (Koto), Günter Pitscheider (cello) held a performance in the town of Mals, Italy. They presented folk songs of their different cultures. Japanese and central European music were blended together that brought a new experience to everyone. Manfred Bernard shared his gifts as an amazing photographer. His snapshots of every-day situations, with a simultaneous interpretation were a delight.

On a few occasions Karin Nakagawa has visited us in Stelvio. She enjoys drinking our herbal teas in Japan, and during her visit she helped harvest our herbs with the beautiful accompaniment of a Japanese harvest song. She tells her favourite blend is our “Zenza”.

September 20, 2013

TV Show in South Tyrol

The German ZDF Broadcasting has chosen to do their fall show in the Seiser Alps. The weather was fabulous! The background was just picture perfect, filled with lush green alpine pastures, and the majestic Dolomite Alps with a herd of Haflinger horses grazing. Many well-known German performers were there, and Mrs Kiewel was the MC of the show. The atmosphere was relaxed, and Siegi Platzer was at the top of his game! He shared his passion for his organic herb farms. The interview he did was excellent, and we were very excited that our herbal teas served as an inspiration for Austrian Gourmet Chef Johann Lafer. He particularly loved Traude’s blossom sugars.

The show will be aired on October 27. 11 a.m., ZDF

September 9, 2013

IN Südtirol

Barbara Tilli from Bolzano came for a visit last week. She is the Editor-in-chief of the magazine IN Südtirol, and her photographer Armin Huber accompanied her. The weather was absolutely inviting with blue skies, warm sunshine and the fields were overflowing with fragrant blossoms. We talked about our work and enjoyed a cup of our organic herbal tea. Barbara wrote an article about her visit, and it was published last Thursday.

July 20, 2013

Travels, Big and Small

Anneliese loves to travel, and she found a niche: She travels from place to place working with the local people, and learning about their customs and traditions. She participated in Denmark and Madagascar with the International Bauorden, and worked in Costa Rica preserving the project “Austrian tropical forest”. Anneliese worked in our fields for two weeks, and we enjoyed her visit. Her next project is working with mountain farmers in the Canton of Valais, Switzerland. She also plans to support a project in Moldavia. Her journey is never ending and we wish her much success.

July 15, 2013

Local, organic and fair

Elisabeth Zwick and Helmut Schönthaler operate an organic working farm and Holiday Apartments in Eyrs, only 20 minutes from us.They harvest cauliflower, potatoes, cabbage, apples, pears, apricots and much more, and produce from their crops jams, syrups and sauerkraut. It is nice to be so close to such high quality fruits and vegetables. They make sure that everything they use meets the Fair Trade standard. Their Holiday Apartments are decorated with Fair Trade furnishings, and thanks to Elisabeth’s creative touch, she uses her own beautiful pictures in the rooms. We are delighted that our Stilfser Bergkräuter organic herbal tea blends are served at breakfast for their guests.

Biohof Schoenthaler

28 June, 2013

Visit from Umbria

In May 2012 we travelled to Abbadia di Fiastra in the Marche, where we participated in the Festival Herbaria . On the way back home we decided to eat at the Hostaria al Fontanile (+39 0472 681 556), which is located in Valico di Colfiorito on the boarder of the Marche and Umbria. They offered local cuisine with superb produce such as lentils and organically grown potatoes. The Lolli sisters operate the restaurant; Manuela skilfully manages and Morena cooks. Morena’s grandmother taught her to cook, and her dishes were absolutely delicious. Yesterday, Morena surprised us by visiting our farm. We had given her one of our herbal teas as a thank you for the wonderful meal, and it was our tea that led her to us. We enjoyed her visit and look forward to seeing her again.

June 25, 2013

Bountiful Wild-Herb Salad

As soon as our seedlings are planted, many of our other organic herbs are ready to be harvested, like the herb Gallant-Soldiers. We love to add this herb to our summer salads, or use it to spice up our yogurt dressing. The taste of this herb is almost like young peas and delicate Boston lettuce. Every year we harvest more than we can eat since there is not much demand for this wonderful little herb.

June 8, 2013

Garden Party

A wonderful garden party was held in Eisenstadt to celebrate the 90th birthday of Traude’s mother. It was a gorgeous day under a huge tent sponsored by Stilfser Bergkräuter. Family and friends came together for this amazing milestone. Even though the day was very warm, all ladies showed up with their summer hats. Refreshing herbal tea was provided and it was an unforgettable event.

June 6, 2013

Street Food at its best!

A few months ago, Günther Pitscheider und Franz Hofer opened their “Stroossnkuch”, which literally translates into street kitchen. It is located in the rural community of Malles Venosta, and it is definitely not your typical hot dog stand. It offers fine cuisine with an exquisite quality, from their yummy French fries to their homemade mayonnaise. A special menu is offered daily, with a huge selection of vegetarian options, and of course, all kinds of sausage creations made from scratch. It’s worth a side trip!

May 13, 2013

Spring Planting Season

The planting season is finally underway. The first of our seedlings are already in the ground and we should be finished by the end of May. On the other hand, we are already harvesting a large range of our herbal collection, such as birch leaves, mountain hawk bit (dandelion), garlic mustard, cherry blossom, primrose, lady’s mantle and wild leek. It is a very busy time for us!

March 28, 2013

Stilfs’ Design

Mary Zischg of Kastelbell, Italy studied under Prof. Pistoletto in the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. She lives with her family between Frankfurt and Stilfs. Her creativity in the reuse of every-day items is unique. You are invited to see and enjoy a sample of her exclusive collection in our tearoom. One of her designs is a floor lamp, with her own playful perspective of recycle and radiating nonchalant.

March 7, 2013

The dark valley

The movie production of „Das finstere Tal“ (The dark valley) ended in Val Senales located in South Tyrol. The suspenseful novel by Thomas Wilmann is considered to be a blend of Western meets Thriller meets Native Tale. Along with well-known actors such as Sam Riley, Tobias Moretti, Erwin Steinhauer, and Paula Beer, many extras were from the region and part of this unique setting, as well as Sepp Mazagg of Trafoi. He told us in detail how long it actually took to make a small scene for the movie. A great example of this was, cutting a tree, sliding it downhill, just to be pulled up again through the forest and this had to be repeated no less then 10 times. He also shared with us that it was much more difficult to cut trees in Val Senales than in Trafoi.

February 28, 2013

„Heu mit Fish“

We enjoyed our visit with Max Stiegl at his restaurant Gut Purbach, which is located in the town of Purbach, on the Lake Neusiedl in Austria. The Chardonnay from Hans Bichler’s Winery was exquisite. Max Stiegl shared with us some secrets of his fine cuisine; he loves to use the Stilfser Bergwiesenheu (a special blend of Alpine dried pasture) to refine his fish recipes. This unique spice not only compliments his dish but also enhances the flavor. While in Purbach the heavy snow and bitter cold temperatures kept us indoors, exchanging stories from the last few weeks. It was a great time to have another Chardonnay.

February 19, 2013

Book Presentation

Feel like having a cup of tea from our Stilfser Bergkräuter assortment? We will be in Vienna this week, and will have samples of our herbal teas.

Arnold Achmüller will also be in Vienna and introduce his new book about herbal knowledge in South Tyrol.

Teufelskraut Bauchwehblüml Wurmtod,
Das Kräuterwissen Südtirols

Come see us in the bookstore Thalia
Landstraßer Hauptstr. 2a/2b,
1030 Wien
on February 21 @ 7 PM

January 13, 2013

And it goes on...

We had a very good year. Some of our blossom-herbal tea assortments are sold out until the next harvest in June. However, we still have a huge selection with outstanding flavour and all that is good for your health. We finally have some time to create some new herbal blends. Please visit our Shop and you will find these exquisite blends: Tramentan, Trada, Weiberbödele, Gasellges, Gomperle und Fatira …
Foto: Alpenmannstreu [eryngium alpinum]

November 17, 2012

Returning Every Year

We love our tradition and visit regularly the Martinsmarket in Dornbirn. It was a bit cool but sunny this year. We were prepared and came with comfortable and cosy garments from Traude’s mother. They are beautiful, black and very warm. The mood was perfect and the local people loved our Stilfser Bergkräuter teas. We spent the weekend in the town of Rankwill and visited “Handart 2012”, a gorgeous market with exquisite arts and crafts. It was lovely.
Photo: Murer, Dornbirn 2012

October 9, 2012

No title.

Autumn is here, with rain and sunshine. The colours red, yellow, orange and violet fill the fields as the herbs are still blooming all around Stelvio. Trude Kloiber has captured the playful colours in her painting that we show in our Tea Room. She is a painter living and working in Vienna. This picture was taken from o.T. (no title) a series of 2008, Duilio Avezzu.

September 2, 2012

Helping hands..

Many hands make our work seem effortless. Again this year, we received a lot of helping hands. In May, Gabriele from the Allgäu region helped plant the seedlings. Alberto from Triest picked the chamomile and helped fencing the grassland. We were amazed at the number of helpers for the blooming high season. In July, Ryan from Boston, then Gerlinde and Leonidas from Kaltern, and Christa and Klara from Vienna came and worked. Bärbel and Claudia from Würzburg, Lucia from Treviso, Wolfgang from Bozen followed them and Markus from the Rhineland helped out the first two weeks in August. Anne from Freiburg and Jana from Den Haag came the last two weeks. Jana posted her beautiful impression of our Stilfser Bergkräuter (with gorgeous pictures) in her blog. It was such a big help for us, diversified weeks and unforgettable days with our guests. Thank You!

June 16, 2012

At the Stelvio Alps

The herbal season has already begun, and the seedlings are flourishing. The gentle rains of the past weeks have been good for them. The Chamomile, Cornflower, Mallow Herb and Marigold have already been harvested. The Peppermint, Lemon Balm and Sage are being gathered for the first time. It is almost time to pick the Lady’s Mantle, and we are fencing our grassland on the alpine meadows. It will be time for mowing in August.
Johann Mazagg (+39 345 6034 124) has opened his cabin for hikers, and there you can purchase our excellent Stilfser Bergkräuter teas and syrups.

April 12, 2012

Beautiful Incense

During our last stay in Vienna we visited the ceramic artist Michaela Meissl. We selected one of her beautiful vessels to use for our herbal incense. The bottom is strong enough to stand the heat, and the top is a delicate surface shell made of porcelain. It looks like it could have come from the “Tales of Thousand and One Nights”. We will have a wonderful relationship with Michaela and offer her products in our shop

February 18, 2012

Pulling the Plough in Stelvio

The annual Winter Solstice was celebrated with brilliant sunshine. Farmers, countrywomen, peasants and workmen paraded behind their plough and yokes of “oxen”. The grand finale was on the main square in front of the church. There were plenty of dumplings with cabbage, and a huge party concluding at the Gasthaus Sonne. We bid farewell to winter. We hope the upcoming year will be positively fruitful.

January 6, 2012

A blissful Happy New Year!

We wish you a years offers the best of everything. Just catch it!
Have fun with it!

December 20, 2011

Christmas Market Celebration in Merzig

Knights, craftsmen, blacksmiths, innkeepers, camels, donkeys, distillers, soap boilers und herbal famers offered their abundant goods. Troubadours from France transported us to the middle ages. Markus from Leverkusen introduced fragrant hand-made soaps and beeswax candles in his “Palace of Sensuality”. The local boy scouts, dressed in oriental garments, served an exquisite Mauritanian lamb stew and the Saarländer offered potato pancakes with applesauce. Lots to see, to taste and to sample. An amazing experience!

November 30th, 2011


Samen met Traude Horvath biedt Siegi Platzer de “StilfserBergkräuter” aan in Italie, Duitsland, Ooostenrijk, Zwitserland en nu ook in Belgie … now we are also represented in Belgium. Christine Deschodt from Gent works for Argebor, who distributes our products. Christine joined us at Biolife-Fair in Bozen from 18th-20th November. Besides our herbal tea she found a lot of high quality organic products from Südtirol.

November 11th, 2011

St. Martin in Dornbirn, Austria

No goose but “Schupfnudeln and Riebl” (local food). Market in Dornbirn on St. Martin's Day with a nostalgic touch “in alto Häss”. Ladies and gentlemen wearing elegant, black dresses, with hats and melons. We dressed up and presented our herbal tea to the nobel people. It was a funny day, a lot of laughter, good food and drinks and a vivid market.

October 26th, 2011

Markets and other events

Harvest is over and we sell our herbal teas on markets & attend special events:

22nd october Thanksgiving at Bozen,
25th october Market at Laatsch,
2nd november Sealamorkt at Glurns,
11st november Martini-Market at Dornbirn,
18th-20nd november Biolife Fair at Bozen,
22nd november Katharina-Market at Schluderns,
4th december Nikolaus-Market at Dornbirn
8th-11th december Weihnachtsmarket at Glurns,
16th-18th december Weihnachtsspektakulum at Merzig
23rd december Apothecary St. Charles, Vienna
and than it's almost X-mas …

September 18th, 2011


Convenient help came to Stilfs from Minoprio, Italy. Mirco Colzani went to the School for Horticultural in Minoprio and is well on its way to becoming a garden designer and landscape gardener. For two weeks he held an internship at Stilfser Bergkraeuter. His specific interests were focused on the production of herbs that Traude introduced which are: Hollyhocks, Marigold, Mint, Hollyhock syrup, and hollyhock ice. This chance at Stilfs gave Mirco the opportunity to work on a thesis revolving around culinary herbs. With much enthusiasm he drew out a plan for our small garden. Hopefully we can implement it with the care and enthusiasm he put into all of his work with us.
July 12th July, 2011

A journey in the past

Immersion into the 18th century: Ala in Trento was in its heyday producing silk and cotton for the aristocracy. Magnificent palaces testify to the money and taste of the time and area. Every year it is celebrated with the women in town wearing elaborate gowns, and with the men in frock coats and knickerbockers of velvet. Palaces, gardens, and patios are opened up to be admired. Jugglers, musicians, and artists take the journey into an old and celebrated century. At the celebration, we were invited as herb growers to display our products and we couldn’t have been for fascinated by the hustle and bustle of the city.

June 29th, 2011

Of Weather and Herbs

Each year we try to shuffle the cards a bit. We are dependent on the weather. Like wine, it shows in the herbs whether or not it will be a good year. The weather affects both the quantity and quality of what we produce. It rained quite a lot last year. After each rainfall, the flowers must first dry and fade to come again. The flowers must be picked regardless, so the blossoming continues. Unfortunately, we cannot use these particular flowers for our high quality teas. The fields will be ready in April. In may the seeds will be planted. We expect the first flowers in the herb garden to bloom by mid-June.

May 29th, 2011

Packaging competition prize

The Technical College of Agriculture and Domestic Economics at Salern Fachschule für Land- und Hauswirtschaft Salern organized a packaging competition for herb growers this year. The award for most appealing packaging for herbal mixtures was based on the following criteria: recognition value, originality, product presentation, quality, and durability. We won the first prize. It was definitely some nice reassurance of our products. We also received some insight into the herb cultivation taking place at the college. We were rather impressed by the happiness, expertise, and in-depth pedagogical acquisition of knowledge bestowed on the students.

17. Mai 2011

Morimondo - Ausflug ins 12. Jahrhundert

Ganz nahe bei Mailand liegt Morimondo, ein Zisterzienser Kloster aus dem 12. Jahrhundert. Dort waren wir an diesem Wochenende und haben unsere Teekräuter präsentiert. Angenehmes Wetter, der Ort ist umgeben von Reisfeldern, wunderbares Licht, blauer Himmel und ein beeindruckendes Kloster. Viele Mailänder und Mailänderinnen kommen nach Morimondo zum Auspannen, Essen und vielleicht auch zur Kontemplation. Wir haben viele Leute kennengelernt, Risotto gegessen und die Atmosphäre genossen. Jetzt wissen wir, dass auch in Mailand Kräutertee getrunken wird.

26. April 2011

Nit lugg lossn!

Mein Vater arbeitete als Senner auf Almen in der Schweiz, er war Metzger und Holzfäller und als er wieder nach Stilfs heimkehrte wurde er Mesner, heiratete, er war gerade 50 Jahre alt, und zog gemeinsam mit meiner Mutter vier Söhne auf. Die kleine Landwirtschaft betrieb er nebenbei. Es gab Stimmen im Dorf, die meinten, er sei zu alt und es wäre zu spät für eine Familiengründung. Als er starb fehlten ihm vier Monate auf den 100. Geburtstag. Josef Platzer und Kreszenza Trafoier waren 49 Jahre verheiratet. Was er mir mitgegeben hat: “Nit lugg lossn!” (Nicht locker lassen) und meine Mutter: “Liab sein mit dia Leit!” Die Teemischung Zenza haben wir für sie gemacht.

16. März 2011

Wie ich zu den Kräutern kam ...

Ich habe 25 Jahre in einer Bank gearbeitet. Mein Wunsch war es, in Stilfs zu leben und zu arbeiten. So kam eins zum anderen. 2005 habe ich begonnen, mich intensiv mit dem Kräuteranbau zu beschäftigen. Nach dem Seminar für Kräuteranbau an der Laimburg baute ich meinen Stadl für die Trocknung, Bearbeitung und Lagerung der Kräuter aus und begann mit dem Bewirtschaften der Felder. Dann war es nicht mehr weit bis zur Gründung der “Stilfser Bergkräuter”. Unter diesem Namen verarbeite ich gemeinsam mit Traude Horvath, Kräuter zu feinen Teemischungen. Traude kommt aus dem Burgenland. Sie ist Soziologin und hat einige Jahre ein Gasthaus in Wien geführt. Wir ergänzen uns sehr gut.

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