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Alpine meadow hay | Alpine meadow hay (Stilfs) in brown bag | Alpine meadow hay (Stilfs) in cotton bag | Alpine meadow hay (Stilfs) in small cotton bag | pillow filled with meadow hay | Pillow with alpine meadow hay, green-white | pillow filled with mountain meadow hay, small | Pillow with spelt | Sachet filled with herbs, floral pattern | Sachet filled with herbs, refill | Lavender Sachet | Räuchergefäss, Porzellankuppel mit Tonsockel | Cold Cream with marigold flowers | Marigold containing ointment | Tongefäss mit Kopf, weiss glasiert, | Tongefäss oval, weiss glasiert | Tongefäss oval, weiss glasiert mit Lochmuster | Tongefäss oval, weiss glasiert, mit grossen Punkten | Tongefäss, weiss glasiert | Tea-Subscription
To create a fragrant atmosphere throughout your home we recommend our herb sachets. We offer the Stilfs alpine meadow aromatic hay in different sizes, small for cooking, medium for bathing, and as a cushion for sleeping. Inhaling the essential oils will provide a relaxing sleep, and to nurture your skin we recommend a soothing lotion of pot marigold. We take pride in providing the freshest flowers and foliage since they are harvested at their peak. Please keep that in mind, all our selections are seasonal.
If we do not have your favourite blends, we would gladly inform you when the harvest is in.

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